Pure Adapt is an online retailer that sells high-end car care products through their Detailed Image site. Consumers come to their site to purchase items that they wouldn’t be able to find in traditional brick and mortar stores. Since Pure Adapt’s entire business is run online, ensuring that their systems are always available is critical to being able to deliver the best experience possible to their customers.

After experiencing an outage, the team at Pure Adapt knew they needed a way to backup important data, “We became a Backupify customer in 2011. A G Suite outage made me realize that we needed a way to backup all of the important company data we have on there. All of our employees are working in the G Suite ecosystem to some degree. With any outage, we’re losing access to our data, which represents a loss in productivity. This can have a huge impact on our business,” explained Co-founder Adam McFarland.

McFarland wanted a solution that would work in the background, saving him from tedious manual exports of important data

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