Whether or not you embrace BYOD policies as cost-saving or avoid them due to the risks, mobile devices are making their way into the Enterprise - especially tablets.

In a quick look at how mobile device usage has increased over the last year, Backupify has observed interesting trends amongst our IT users.

While all backed-up users can access the Backupify app—be they end-users or administrators—IT admins and Help Desk operators represent arguably the most active percentage of our user base. A large number of those administrative users are accessing Backupify on mobile devices, particularly tablets.

Overall mobile traffic to our app has tripled in the last year to the point where one in eight of our app visitors is using a mobile device! Somewhat surprisingly, most of that increase in mobile traffic to Backupify is attributable to tablets. Next to the iPhone, (which accounts for the majority of our mobile visits), tablet device usage has contributed most to the mobile device usage of Backupify. Traffic from iPads alone has increased six-fold in the last year. Besides the iPad, other popular tablets amongst Backupify users include the Google Nexus 7, the Motorola Xoom, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Are the apps you use at work tablet-friendly? What about your IT tools, like your trusty backup and restore products? If you use Backupify, you’re in luck. Both our Salesforce and Google Apps backup products look and work great on smaller tablet screens. Got your tablet at work? Trial our apps today!