In our previous post, Making the Case for Cloud-to-Cloud Backup (Part One), we discussed common misconceptions about SaaS applications and how data loss occurs. In today’s post, we’ll reveal how to prevent it.

When it comes to preventing SaaS data loss, we recommend a few different strategies:

  • Good Data Management Processes: This means putting together procedures and policies that are specific to your SaaS applications. These processes should help you define how to handle: different volumes of data, incoming users, outgoing users, etc.

  • SaaS Application Training: Training your users on how to properly use your SaaS applications is a must. This will encourage proper use of the application which means more productivity and less user error.

  • Robust Password Policies: Changing your passwords frequently can only help in the fight to safeguard your sensitive data. Do yourself an extra favor and make sure these passwords are jumbled, confusing, and stored somewhere that is not easily accessible by the wrong parties.

  • Automated Backup and Simple Recovery and Restore: You can’t do everything on your own to protect SaaS data. This is where a third-party data protection solution comes into play. Having an automated, daily backup tool alleviates you from having to manually export your data. Set it and forget it!

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