Time is money, and it follows that simplicity and ease of use are crucial in considering the technology solutions that you build and use. Not only do you need to consider what value a solution brings to your team, but it’s also critical to ask: How easy is this tool to maintain and use? How much time will you spend implementing and managing the day to day use of this tool?

The ability for real-time collaboration through cloud-based SaaS applications is an innovation that fulfills this need for simplicity. Instead of owning and managing their data centers, businesses can take advantage of scalable computing power in the cloud, reducing IT costs and enabling employees to focus on creating value for their customers.

However, as we’ve previously demonstrated, SaaS applications like Office 365 and G Suite can’t help you recover lost data when it comes to ransomware or malicious employee data deletion scenarios. This gap severely limits the benefits achieved by moving file sharing and collaboration to the cloud – how do you react when the worst happens?

Backup solutions are also important due to the way they reduce the load on your IT resources. Without a SaaS provider securing and backing up your data, IT employees spend substantial time adding new users, starting new backups, de-provisioning old identities of departed employees, and archiving of data. These are all arduous and time-consuming tasks that can and should be automated through a backup solution. Your backup solution should make your life simpler, and by ensuring swift and reliable data recovery in the event of an incident, give you peace of mind.

At Olive + Goose, we’ve put our trust in Backupify. We recognize the value of solutions that simplify your life, and with ease of use and reliability as core tenets of Backupify, they make handling large amounts of data worry-free. With Backupify, your business gets the dependable, easy to use backup solution that you need. They achieve this through:

  • Easy Employee Off-boarding – Off-boarding employees can be a time-consuming task for IT professionals. Backupify makes it easy, enabling you to pull a backup of their entire account within minutes.
  • Defense Against Attackers - Point-in-time backups mean you can restore your data to a time immediately preceding an attack thanks to three daily point-in-time backups.
  • Faster Recovery - Get your first backup started in minutes, find what you need quickly, and restore lost files in seconds.
  • Simple Management - With a single control pane to manage where company backup data is stored, IT administrators can easily see who is getting backed up, how much data is stored, and more.
  • Always-On Support - Access their complimentary in-house tech support by phone or email 24/7/365 for help whenever you need it.

“With Backupify, I don’t need to worry about losing data, and it’s the difference between something taking hours or minutes of my time. This is one of my favorite services. It provided such enormous value, it was a no-brainer to get on board.” - Robert Allen, IT Manager at TimeTrade. Read more about how Backupify secures TimeTrade’s data while reducing costs.

Without a reliable, simple to use backup solution in place, recovering lost data is a nightmare for IT teams, pulling them away from other vital tasks. Backupify’s speedy recovery process means your team can quickly resolve data loss issues, freeing up crucial employee time and company resources.

For more information on how to secure your Office 365 domain, download the eBook: The Complete Guide to Office 365 Security or request a demo with Backupify product experts.