Backupify’s G Suite Backup 2.0 now protects Google Team Drives alongside Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and Drive. Backupify for G Suite 2.0 provides the fastest, most robust enterprise data backup and recovery solution for G Suite today.

With the proliferation of Team Drives for instant collaboration, Backupify now offers automated, three times per day backup for Team Drive files with granular recovery options. Backupify for G Suite 2.0 can recover Team Drive data at the individual file or entire shared folder level, while maintaining file sharing permissions on documents or folders restored.  

Applying Datto’s proven, innovative backup storage technology to the Backupify product line, G Suite Backup 2.0 was built on a brand new architecture. As a result, G Suite admins can recover data within seconds or minutes as opposed to hours or even days. With the addition of ElasticSearch functionality, G Suite admins can now search through large volumes of data much more efficiently to quickly find the information within their backups that is most relevant to their G Suite users.  

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