We are pleased to announce two new Backupify features, now available for clients Backing Up Microsoft 365 licenses.

Detect & Distinguish Between Active & Archived Seats

The first is our new Seat Management experience for Microsoft 365 clients, which is available now for all Backupify users. This new interface allows you to better detect and distinguish between active and archived seats, providing you with more flexibility and the ability to efficiently manage large clients. You can easily see the current Status of each Seat—clicking “Status” reveals a list of possible actions to change that seat’s Status. The new Paused Backup feature prevents new backups from being taken while a seat is paused.


For more information, please visit our Seat Management 2.0 Knowledge Base article.

Backupify for Microsoft 365

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PST Export for Microsoft Exchange

The second addition to Backupify is one of our most frequently requested features: PST Export for Microsoft Exchange Mail Items

You no longer need to procure a third-party converter to convert local MBOX copies of the data, making it much easier to upload back to the Microsoft 365 environment in the same format. This new feature provides you with access and control of your Microsoft Exchange Mail backups and saves valuable time.

For more information, please visit our PST Export Knowledge Base article and check out the video below for more info.


If you're not yet a Backupify customer, and you'd like to see these features in action with you own data, schedule a free personalized demo today.