With World Backup Day quickly approaching on March 31st, we got to thinking “what if you had a magical backup machine that could back up anything in your life?” We asked our Backupify colleagues this question and got some interesting and very varied responses - from pets (dogs, turtles, and cats) to memories (my wedding day, my 20’s) to one of a kind treasured possessions (my guitar, my autographed baseball).

We know there are technologies out there to help you back up your critical cloud data (ahem, Backupify for cloud-to-cloud backup) but wouldn’t it be cool if you had a second copy of some of the other important things in your life? You could rest a little easier knowing that you have a backup copy.

To help celebrate World Backup Day next week, we created this video asking “What would you back up?!” Check it out! (For real, you should, there’s a Goldendoodle puppy involved.) Click on the video below:

Datto's Magical Backup Machine from Backupify on Vimeo.