At Backupify when we talk about user error, we’re typically referring to accidental deletion. But unfortunately, not all data deletion is “accidental.” Your company can easily be susceptible to the acts of a rogue employee. A rogue employee is a threat to your Google Apps data and one you should take seriously. 

How can a rogue employee damage my data?

Typically a rogue employee can cause damage to Google Apps domains in situations where domain administrators can’t or don’t know to lock the departing employee out of Google Apps before the worker is notified of his termination. When the now recently fired employee goes to clean out his desk, he can also clean out his Gmail inbox (filled with crucial client emails) Google Drive (with several shared, irreplaceable sales spreadsheets) Contacts (with important vendor email addresses) and Calendar (where delivery schedules are kept).

It doesn’t even necessarily need to be someone who was terminated. An employee who is about to leave for another job can start hitting the delete button or maybe it’s an employee who feels slighted by the organization and knowingly starts getting rid of critical information in Google Apps.

Google can’t distinguish between a “good” employee and a “bad” one. If someone has legitimate access to Google Apps data, there’s nothing Google can do to stop it. Similar to a security breach, a rogue employee could potentially delete all the data in a single Google Apps account.

How to defend against a rogue employee

The most effective defense against a rogue employee is also the easiest - change an employee’s password or suspend an employee’s Google Apps account BEFORE firing him. The policy should be that before an employee is terminated, HR is aware directly before the Google Apps admin….and then the employee. This way an employee doesn’t have the time to do any damage to the organization’s data before access is suspended.

For additional data protection, consider a cloud-to-cloud backup solution which will provide a secure, second copy of company data. So, if data is deleted (on purpose) your cloud-to-cloud backup provider will be able to restore it.

Need more info on how to truly protect all  your Google Apps data against an array of threats (like rogue employees)? Download the free guide “Defending Your Google Apps Data: Five Threats Google Can’t Defend Against, But You Can.”