They work around the clock making sure the rest of the office can function as seamlessly as possible. Their inbox is brimming with disgruntled urgent requests. They are the office IT professionals and they rarely get a break. On this romantic holiday, why not show a little love to the men and women behind the machines?

This February 14th, make IT your valentine! Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DO reboot your machine before you approach me at my desk, in the cafeteria, or as I am relieving myself.
  • DON’T email that 8 GB Pilates invitation to the entire global workforce.
  • DO reference Game of Thrones, freely.
  • DON’T click the link in that suspicious email from North Korea.
  • DO follow the appropriate procedure for requesting technical assistance.
  • DON’T be vague when filling out a support ticket.
  • DO be patient after your ticket is submitted. No need for a follow up email, call, and smoke signal.
  • DON’T mark your request to install iTunes as “URGENT!”
  • DO be honest when you’ve spilled 16 ounces of Mountain Dew on your keyboard.
  • DON’T select “password” as your password.
  • DO bring me bacon.
  • DON’T ask my opinion on the latest eReader. This is not Best Buy.

DO share this SWEET slideshare and spread the IT love: