Breaking up with G Suite can be hard. We know. But we’re here to ease the burden and make the process a little easier for everyone involved. Thanks to Office 365, you won’t be stranded looking for a new solution.

  • Scoping Your Migration: Before you begin a migration between Google’s G Suite and Microsoft’s Office 365, you’ll need to answer four key questions. Your answers to these questions will determine the type and scope of your migration. Having these answers firmly in place before the migration process begins will prevent problems down the road.

  • Identifying Data That You Can’t Migrate: Office 365 and the G Suite are comparable SaaS productivity suites, but not every G Suite data element has a counterpart in O365. Some items are not reasonably accessible or exportable from G Suite, and a noteworthy percentage of G Suite data and metadata simply can’t be imported into Office 365. This information will have to be manually transferred, modified, and/or abandoned during migration -- and both you and your users need to be prepared.

  • Migrating Policies: When you migrate data from G Suite to Office 365, your policies around that data move, too. IT administrators should lock down their processes and policies around the scenarios outlined below before initiating a G Suite to O365 migration.

  • Developing Your Migration Failsafe: The most important part of your migration plan is your failsafe planning. No matter how skilled or sophisticated the tools, services, plan, and staff involved in your G Suite to Office 365 migration, data can still be lost. In some cases, the original G Suite data is inadvertently destroyed as it fails to load properly into Office 365. How do you ensure data is not corrupted or deleted during the migration?

Recently, Backupify hosted a webinar featuring some tips and tricks for transitioning to O365. Check out the recording below!


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