Machinima is a California-based digital content company that reaches over 150 million viewers each month. With a network of thousands of influencers, downtime isn’t an option for the media giant. When the Director of IT, Ed Becker, joined the Machinima team in 2014, he was tasked with cleaning up the network infrastructure and migrating the company to Office 365.

Upon arrival, Becker noted that the cloud-to-cloud backup tool, Backupify, was already in place for Google Apps. As the company was transitioning to Office 365, Becker had to decide how to protect their SaaS data going forward.

Becker has been working in IT since the days of tape backup. At his more recent companies, on-premise Exchange Servers were used for backup. He described that process as being intensive in terms of labor and maintenance. Sticking with a cloud-to-cloud backup solution seemed best for Machinima.

“Going to cloud backup frees up space and money and resources. Taking things off-site is an added cost to administration. Cloud backup offers good redundancy, and there is more peace of mind as it works seamlessly in the background,” explained Becker.

Becker’s positive experience with Backupify for Google Apps served as a key factor in his decision to keep the solution in place during migration to Office 365.

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