Here at Backupify we’re big customers and proponents of Amazon’s services. Our partnership with Amazon over the past few years has allowed us to grow very quickly and constantly improve our products. 

So, how do we leverage AWS to ensure the highest possible quality of service?

The key benefit: relying on AWS infrastructure means we don’t have to build the same infrastructure ourselves. This allows us to focus our attention and energy on innovation.

Regarding the infrastructure, we don’t need to dedicate mindshare thinking about it and also find that there has been serious cost savings for us as a company. The big advantage for Backupify related to cost came early in our company’s history as it allowed us to provide secure storage.

AWS provides Simple Storage Service (S3). S3 offers nine-9s of durability, replicating the data in multiple areas, and (critical for us) provides an extremely high level of write-though-iops - which is a fancy way to say it can accept and store massive amounts of data at a rate most off-the-shelf storage components can’t.

The capital required to provide a fault-tolerant, multi-data-center, massive-write-through storage facility would have slowed our ability to launch as a business.

With a durable storage infrastructure, we focused our efforts on building the best backup layer possible for our market.  And we were able to create our product with assurances to our customers that their data was safe.

It isn’t just capital preservation that made AWS a valuable addition early on.  With some key low-level infrastructure “outsourced” to AWS our team focused on other key differentiators our product would need. For example, making sure we had a scalable system on the back end and creating a domain management interface allowing easy management of users on the front end.

Even as we consider new ways to help our customers manage and control the storage of their data we are certain that AWS will remain a major part of our infrastructure moving forward.  They will provide the bulk of our storage as well as the processing capacity that runs your backups.  We look forward to our continued work with AWS and of course, to passing the savings on to our customers!