If you’re a Google Calendar user this means you live and die by it to keep your hectic day as organized as possible. We totally get it which is why we set out to create another helpful collection of hacks as part of our Google Hacks series (10 Killer Gmail Hacks, 6 Hidden Hacks for Google Drive) this time focusing on the all important master of your schedule - Google Calendar. In our latest eBook, 10 Helpful Hacks for Google Calendar, we compiled ten tips that you should start using today to make your Google Calendar experience even more effective.

Now - on to the tips! Below we’ve outlined three Google Calendar tips. For more, grab the complimentary eBook.

1. View Google Calendar While You’re Offline

Similar to the core Google Apps, Google Calendar can function without an Internet connection. Many don’t realize this but you don’t need to be connected in order to be productive. This simply requires that you run the Google Chrome browser and have a few settings enabled. (Here are the details on the settings to access the calendar offline). Once set up, you can view any of your past appointments while offline and even RSVP for future events - your responses will be saved and then sent once you’ve reconnected to the Internet.

2. Use the Shortcuts

If you’re ever using Google Calendar on a touchscreen device, you can very quickly add, delete, edit or respond to events with Google Calendar’s keyboard shortcuts. It’s tough to remember what the shortcuts are so just remember this one: [CTRL]+[/] on a PC (or [CMD]+[/] on a Mac) as it will bring up the list of Google Calendar hot-keys for easy reference.

3. Skip the Long Entry Form with Google Calendar’s Quick Add Events

Google Calendar’s event creation form has long number of fields asking you for specific parameters about times, locations,agendas, recurrence, etc.  That can be overkill if you just want to mark down a quick reminder for lunch with your spouse on Tuesday. Fortunately, GCal’s Quick Add let’s you simply enter all the relevant data in the event name field—literally, type in “lunch with Pat at Seviche on Tuesday at noon”—at Google Calendar will parse out the data and populate the correct fields. It’s as easy as can be!

There you have it - 3 easy to use tips for a better Google Calendar experience. For more tips, download the eBook below.