Today we give a giant high five to all the hard working system administrators out there. The 26th is being recognized as system administrator appreciation day. To celebrate, Backupify launched a Twitter contest asking folks to send us a tweet describing “why their system administrator is wonderful.” Those in the Twitterverse had to sum up (in a short 140 character limit) why their system admin rocks. We even created a hashtag #sysadminluv to help get in the spirit.

The following were our three favorite tweets and have earned a $50 Starbucks gift card to pass along to their system admins.

Keeping it straightforward and telling it like it is:

@jillianmaccini my system admin always keeps me up and running #sysadminluv

Most creative tweet absolutely goes to Tom….nerd spice! We love it.

@medicineonearth My system admin is a heroic protector of our network and cyberspace, with brains to defend and nerd spice to charm his people.

For admitting where our knowledge gap lies, thanks goodness for the system admin:

@ikkin2424 My system admin is wonderful because he solves all the IT problems ill never understand. @backupify #sysadminluv

Congratulations to our winners and a big thanks to all the system admins out there.