As a new Google Apps Premier Technology Partner, we’re excited to see Google’s continued support for more enterprise-level features. This support is good for Backupify, good for our mutual customers, and good for the ecosystem in general. A perfect example is the recent improvements that Google announced in Google Drive for Work.

With the launch of the Drive Audit API, we now have access to improved admin controls, reporting, encrypted uploads, eDiscovery and audit APIs that all add up to better security and control. At Backupify, we see perfect alignment with Google on this strategic direction; for Google Apps to succeed in the enterprise the security profile, tools and controls must continue to mature - both built-in and in the ecosystem.  This is identical to our own corporate pillar - keeping data control and security at the core of our product and company strategy.

This translates to great opportunities for our customers at the intersection of Google Apps Unlimited and Backupify. Let’s focus on one of these features that we plan to take advantage of over time here at Backupify: new Audit APIs.

Backupify integrates with Google Apps entirely via APIs. This creates the kind of relationship you want from your backup vendor: a separate application that works seamlessly with the originating data, but also completely independently. A best practice for any backup system is to make sure your backups are available no matter what - with data physically stored separately from the source data and available even in the absence of the source application.

Like any strategic technical decision, our choice to stay independent has led to tradeoffs. In this case the tradeoff was “real-time” access to data and user changes. We back up as often or more than any other Google Apps backup providers - up to three times per day.  We’d like to increase our backup frequency so we can close even the tiniest of gaps between backups, ensuring our customers are better protected.

The new Drive Audit API, in conjunction with the Activity API and the notification APIs, will allow us to do this over time. Now we have a tool we can use to improve the security of our user’s backups by decreasing the lag time between backups. We can now be alerted when users change permissions, create new files, make modifications, and even delete critical data. We’ll use that information to make the backups better: decreasing lag time, improving our back-end document level verifications and audits, and annotating backups with better detail on the state of a particular file version that a user may want to restore.

We’re happy to see the entire ecosystem making progress on security and look forward to working with the Audit APIs.