Fan of Google Spreadsheets? In case you missed it among the craziness of the holiday season, Google recently made some nice updates to its Sheets product. While Google Spreadsheets still lacks the deep functionality of Excel, Google appears to be making the right moves to catch up to Microsoft in this area. 

Let’s get to it. What’s new in Sheets?

Overall, Google Sheets is more scalable - there are no limits on columns, formulas or the number of cells you can copy and paste. With increased speed, calculations, for example, load quicker.

Don’t have an Internet connection? No Problem

With the new version of Google Sheets, you can work offline (using the Chrome Web browser) and when you reconnect to the Internet, all your edits will sync. You no longer need a WiFi connection to work in Sheets. Similar to making edits in Docs or Slides offline, Sheets can now be edited offline as well. If you’re not familiar, here’s the way to set up offline editing capabilities in Chrome.

In addition to the ability to work offline, Sheets made some feature updates including filter views which allows users to share different views of the data when collaborating with others. Now when you’re collaborating, you can sort a spreadsheet without affecting how others see it.

Also new is function help which provides examples to guide you as you type. Error highlighting and coloring ensures that you can spot and fix mistakes as you go.

There are still more features to be included but if interested in giving the new Google Sheets a whirl, click on settings in Google Drive and under the “Editing” tab is a section called New Versions.

If you’ve already played around with Google Sheets, give us your thoughts below in the comments section.

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