With the unfortunate, imminent death of Google Reader today, many Reader fans have converted to alternative ways of getting their daily dose of news and content.  

While there have been quite a few articles written offering advice on a Google Reader substitute, Feedly has seemingly emerged as the winner, acquiring millions of users since Google announced the end of Google Reader.

Feedly is a free, RSS reader with a nice user interface that connects directly to your Google account. If you procrastinated to the last day (today), there should still be some time (although limited) to sync your Google Reader to Feedly. Here is a quick overview on Feedly:

1. Instant connection to Google Reader

If you want to connect your Google Reader information directly into Feedly, go to http://cloud.feedly.com/#welcome and press the “one-click Google reader import” which ensures all your RSS feeds are now sitting in Feedly.

2. Categories and content

Similar to Google Reader, Feedly helps you create specific categories for your news. On the top left under “My Feedly” hit the add content button: “+ content” to get a brand new feed. In the search box, enter a URL, a title, or a topic to get suggested feeds (you can even choose a hashtag, ex. #marketing).

3. Saving an article for later

In Google Reader, if you wanted to read an article later, you would “star” the article to come back to it at another time. The same feature exists with Feedly where you can easily “bookmark” an article. Depending on the view you’re in, you will see the small bookmark icon. There are lots of social sharing icons so that you can easily share the article you just read with your followers.

4. Shortcut time

While in Feedly press ? in order to check out the various keyboard shortcuts.

5. Preferences

Go the top left and under the dropdown menu, select “preferences” near the bottom of the menu in order to tailor your individual Feedly preferences. You can integrate Feedly with Pinterest, tag articles, change header fonts, etc.

Goodbye Google Reader, hello Feedly!