This past weekend Backupify participated in our first Google in Education Summit. This particular Google in Education Summit took place in Redwood City, California, and was a sold out event with more than 800 teachers, certified trainers, admins, Google engineers, and Google Apps vendors in attendance. The explosive growth of Google Apps for Education is certainly impressive. Over the past few years, universities, entire school systems, even entire COUNTRIES have gone Google. At Backupify, we recently explored the Google Apps for Edu landscape in our infographic “Growing Up Google.

Over the weekend, I walked the halls of Sequoia High School, listening to sessions and talking to attendees. If you’re using Google Apps for Education or are considering making a switch to Google Apps, here are a few takeaways from this event:

  1. There are LOTS of resources available to those newbies jumping into the world of Google Apps. Through events like this one, online forums, and education technology associations and groups, a school making the transition to Google will have a great deal of support and guidance.
  2. Schools are thinking seriously about Chromebooks and large Chromebook deployments. Back in April, it was announced that the country of Malaysia had a plan to provide Chromebooks to children in primary and secondary schools. Turns out schools in the U.S. are also very interested in potentially using Chromebooks for their students.
  3. Teachers and admins at schools that are adopting Google Apps are unaware that Google has limitations around data backup. Most believed that Google was automatically backing up all their data. Since teachers are putting a great deal of time into integrating 3rd party applications with Google Apps in an effort to improve their teaching methods, protecting this important data is becoming more crucial.

For schools interested in maintaining best practices for backup and recovery, data retention and compliance while on Google Apps for Education, consider a cloud-to-cloud backup solution such as Backupify for Google Apps.