Google Drive or Box? Which solution is best for your organization and your organization’s unique needs? Companies are increasingly looking to file sync and share vendors now that collaboration in the cloud is something that happens each and every day. Given that more IT departments are reviewing solutions, Backupify created an eBook, Google Drive vs Box: An Enterprise Perspective and within the resource, we go through some key evaluation criteria. In a previous blog post, we looked at how Google Drive stacked up against Box in the areas of security and IT management concerns. Below we’ll take a look at some other valuable criteria - mobile device support and implementation support and long term costs.

Mobile Device Support

Since everyone has a mobile device…..or two or three, the solution you choose should have seriously thought through their mobile strategy.

Supported Platforms

When looking through the major supported platforms by each service, Box has a slight advantage but it’s really only a small victory considering both Google Drive and Box have all the major platforms, iOS and Android, covered. When taking into account dedicated apps, Box has the Windows Phone and BlackBerry covered but other Google services like Google Sync are available for the Windows Phone and BlackBerry so the solutions are pretty much even here.

Mobile Security Considerations

Google Drive and Box both have some centralized control over devices connected to the service. Box enjoys an advantage over Google Drive in mobile device management as it supports a feature called device pinning; enterprise administrators can define a policy limiting the number of connected devices a user can have by type - the number of computers, tablets, phones, and so on. Administrators can additionally remove a device if it’s reported lost or stolen.

Implementation Support and Long Term Costs

Features and functionality are great but for many it comes down to the type of support that’s offered and the actual cost of the solution.

Box has a native professional services arm; they offer services for integrating Box with your existing systems and devices as well as content migration assistance. Professional services for implementing Google products are available through their technology partners who have a similar array of offerings. The bottom line - you can get implementation support with both Google Drive and Box.

Time to compare prices!

Google’s $10 per user buys access to not only Google Drive but Google Apps including Docs, Google’s online office suite. Box is much higher at $35 per user (for the enterprise tier). Both offer unlimited storage.

For more details on these cloud solution heavyweights, grab the free eBook below.