As part of the Google Drive for Work introduction (or Google Apps Unlimited which is the official product name for the new offering), Google recently announced they were adding the Google Drive service to their Google Apps Vault offering. As a Google Apps Premier Technology Partner, we think this is an important product update and one that continues to help Google pave its path to the enterprise.

The expansion of Google Apps Vault to now include Drive is evidence that people are thinking critically about their data in the cloud. Simply storing data in the cloud is not enough and companies are thinking about the best way to secure data, share information, meet compliance needs, and more.

While Google has updated its offering, remember that Google Vault and Backupify are complementary as opposed to competitive. Each product serves a specific customer need. Google Apps Vault addresses a company’s archiving and e-discovery needs. Vault is great for recalling and locking down specific files or emails, even down to a specific date. Backupify on the other hand, is a true second copy of your company’s data.  With Backupify, you can browse your data, quickly restore individual files (no matter when they were deleted) or entire accounts as well as export your data. The secure second copy is stored separately from Google.

It’s critical that your backup be in a separate system (other than the one you’re backing up). In the end, it’s a core IT best practice. Google doesn’t create multiple copies of your data for safekeeping; it simply utilizes references to your data from Google Apps and Vault. If a Google Drive file is deleted, Google simply deletes the reference from Drive to your file but the data is retained as is the Vault reference to it. If those references are corrupted or the actual data itself is compromised there is no backup.

Ultimately, if all your data is stored in one place, the service that holds it has control. Having a second copy of your data ensures you aren’t storing all your eggs in one proverbial basket. Backupify provides that failsafe repository for your business critical data.

As Google updates its product offering, its crucial for companies to understand their data needs when it comes to choosing the right solution. Does the company need an archiving tool or a true second copy of their data? (Here’s a refresher on backup vs. archiving.) Once companies have a sense of their unique data requirements, the decision becomes easier if they need Backupify, Vault, or often times both!