Gett is a ridesharing app boasting drivers in over 120 cities. It is the largest on-demand car service company by revenue in Europe and is being used by more than 17,500 companies worldwide. It’s safe to say Gett is up to something big. 

When the company began storing data in the cloud, they chose to protect their critical data with Backupify to ensure they were safe from unexpected data loss. We’re happy to tell their story.

Danny Michael, Gett’s Global Head of IT, inherited cloud security and management for G Suite, an important tool for business continuity. Since then, they’ve learned some hard lessons. Lesson one: When ransomware hit his stack and synced to their cloud, the company was instantly locked out of important G Suite data. 

Thankfully, Backupify for G Suite had been implemented and the company was able to get back up and running within minutes. Lesson 2: When a project manager accidentally deleted a year’s worth of work for a product that was on the verge of launching, 

Backupify was the “un-do button” that saved the day. Upon reflecting on these two mission critical events, Michael said, “There’s a difference between having a backup solution and having a backup solution that works. Everyone feels safe with G Suite and Office 365. They think Google and Microsoft have their backs. It’s a hard lesson to learn that it does not.”

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