The Fairport Central School District is located in New York. It includes 8 schools that are comprised of 6,400 students and 1,500 teachers, administrators, and employees.

“Fairport Central School District wanted to leverage the power of Google Docs with 24x7 access and simple sharing and collaboration, but we were hesitant about fully embracing it within the administration given some of the requirements for data retention within the New York State schedule NYSED ED-1,” said Tom Devitt, Director of Technology for Fairport Central School District. Specifically the schedule includes guidelines requiring the retention of original documents, such as board agendas and payroll. As more of Fairport’s Google Apps users became accustomed to the platform, Devitt noticed that more of these schedule governed documents were originating within Google Docs, necessitating an archiving solution for Fairport’s Google Apps domain.

Devitt was impressed with Backupify’s solution. “The interface was very simple; it was easy to search and access the files. It was also important to be able to pull down a local copy of the data, which Backupify does.” 

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