When it’s time to evaluate the latest, greatest cloud application, how confident are you that your company is asking the right questions? Or more importantly, is your company asking the right questions when it comes to security and the security of your data?

Whether its Google Apps, Salesforce.com, Box, SmartSheet or other cloud apps, companies are now storing business critical information in these cloud applications. Depending on the size of the company or the type of information being stored in cloud apps, there’s a checklist that IT goes through to determine how safe and secure a cloud app really is (well, that is if IT is involved).

At Backupify, we understand the value of a security RFP or at least having a few questions that can help companies better understand how secure a new cloud vendor will be. That’s why we’re giving companies a head start on the evaluation process with our new Cloud Evaluation Kit. The Cloud Evaluation Kit includes:

- 5 Key Elements of a Reputable Cloud SLA: A cloud application SLA (Service Level Agreement) is, at it’s core just a formal method of setting expectations between a vendor and a customer. SLAs spell out exactly how a vendor will plan for and respond to interruptions in cloud application access or downgrades in cloud service performance.

- Cloud Security Questionnaire: This 23 question security questionnaire is an easy to use template for the evaluators that have a few questions for potential cloud vendors around data security. While RFPs can be pretty comprehensive, this template offers companies a helpful starting place.

As you begin your latest cloud evaluation,  grab this complimentary (and very helpful) kit! Best of luck choosing your next cloud partner.