Essence is a global digital agency and the world’s largest independent buyer of digital media helping top brands, such as Google, eBay, and Barclays, earn valuable connections with their consumers.

Essence was an early adopter of Google Apps for Business. In 2009, after experiencing tremendous global growth, with locations spanning London, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Singapore, the company decided it was time to migrate to the cloud.

IT Manager Colin McCarthy, who is always looking for the best technology for Essence, knew Google Apps was the best business solution for ensuring its 450+ employees were always connected and collaborating.

To protect the company’s sensitive cloud data, Essence came to Backupify for cloud-to-cloud backup. “Backup is similar to car insurance: you don’t fully realize the value of having it until something unexpected occurs.”

“We recently had a situation where a shared folder in Google Drive went missing. The folder had a number of collaborators, and the information inside of it was extremely important and urgently needed. With Backupify, I was able to easily find the backup of the folder from the previous day, and instantly restore it. Our employees were able to get back up and running quickly, which made using Backupify a huge time saver for us.”

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