You know that you need to backup your data in the cloud. However, there is a misconception that all data in the cloud is already backed up. This can make it difficult to earn buy in for the additional costs of data backup. In today’s post we will discuss tactics to help you sell cloud backup to your boss and executive team.

Focus on the Goals

When speaking to your executive team you should keep your argument focused on the high level goals of your organization. Budget’s are tight these days, by focusing on how a cloud backup provider can help you achieve your companies larger goals, your team is more likely to see a connection between secured data and long term business prosperity.

State clearly how a loss of data would adversely affect the key areas of your business, including:

  • The ability to run the business efficiently and effectively.
  • Provide the best possible experience for your customers.
  • Providing the tools your employees need to do their jobs.

The Need For Backup

Citing statistics will add context and credibility to your request for data backup. For example, 30% of data loss is due to user error. Make sure your executive team understands this fact and all the other ways data can be lost. Here are the most common scenarios for data loss:

  • User Error: The most common form of data loss.
  • Security Breach: A hacker gains access to your SaaS data.
  • Third Party App Error: Any app downloaded in a Marketplace can have bugs - an opportunity for hackers to enter.
  • Rogue Employee: User error that’s not accidental. Could happen with any former employee of your company.
  • Software Error: Service outages and account suspension can happen.

Has your executive team taken into account the value of lost documents and the harm the business could undergo without them? A lost prospect presentation that delays or costs your company a new sales deal or a lost budget spreadsheet - while either of these things is going to put you out of business alone, they can set you and your team back and it all can be avoided with a backup.

Backup in the Cloud: A Necessity

IT best practices do not change just because you have moved data to the cloud. Compare cloud backup to traditional hardware backup to show the benefits. Cloud to cloud backup has no hardware, software or upgrades. You will likely pay a monthly fee in place of buying and maintaining hardware and software. Additionally, your IT team will be freed up to work on other more complex IT problems. Make these points and show your team how a backup could improve overall efficiencies while continuing to meet IT best practices.

What other selling points have you used to earn buy in for cloud data backup?