The team at SET Creative works each day to bring companies to life in stores and at events. The global brand experience agency has been raising the stakes in visual retail design since 2009. Since opening, the Oregon-based company has grown to over 100 employees and opened offices in London and Amsterdam.

With such rapid expansion, Global IT Manager, Jake Kienholz, is constantly working to improve the company’s IT infrastructure, ensuring it is functional, accessible and user friendly for employees at every location.

When Kienholz first started at SET, the staff was using Microsoft Outlook for email with no data backup. It became apparent that something needed to change as the staff was often burdened with trying to recover emails from departed employees. Kienholz transitioned the team to Google’s Gmail and implemented Google Vault for backup purposes.

While exploring different backup options, Kienholz discovered Datto’s Backupify product and was immediately taken aback by the user friendly interface. With Backupify, Kienholz now has an easy-to-use backup and restore solution that can support SET Creative as they continue to grow. To read more about how Datto has helped SET Creative excel, read the full success story.