Employee turnover is always a burden - not only for an employee’s manager but for IT as well. Typically accounts need to be shut down and essential data saved. This is true for SaaS applications like Google Apps, which continues to experience tremendous growth among companies of all sizes. So….what’s the best way to manage a departing employees’ data in Google Apps? Snapshot for Google Apps.

We’re excited to re-introduce our Snapshot for Google Apps tool in the new Google Apps Marketplace! Snapshot is an essential tool for managing an employee’s data when they leave while also freeing organizations from the cost of maintaining those Google Apps accounts.

For many organizations, the process for handling a departing employees’ information includes archiving email and files.  This is particularly relevant for highly-regulated industries that require years of email archives.

For organizations with on-premise email, it’s easy – as simple as disabling an Exchange mailbox, saving a .PST file and sliding a few files on a server into a new backup folder.

For companies that have migrated to the cloud on the other hand, there’s really no good way to terminate a Google Apps account AND keep the data. Without using a tool like Snapshot for Google Apps, the only approach is to keep the user account open (but unused). In this scenario, the data remains, but these “ghost” accounts still incur the same monthly charges as active accounts. In addition, accessing the information is challenging because Google doesn’t offer a centralized dashboard providing access to all email, documents, contacts and sites in one place.

To solve this problem, Snapshot extracts all the Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, Contacts and Google Site content from a single Google Apps account and compresses it into an easy-to-extract ZIP file, that a company can download to their local machine. With an archive of this data, an IT admin can safely delete or re-assign the Google Apps user account without losing a thing!

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