Need a cool, hand-crafted table? How about a bookcase or a custom adirondack chair? Cambridge-based CustomMade is an online gallery that connects shoppers with expert makers from around the country who create beautiful custom pieces.

CustomMade also embraces the cloud.

As a young, fast-growing company CustomMade relies on Google Apps to help run their business. CustomMade uses Google Apps on a daily basis across the entire organization to improve collaboration and get stuff done - faster. Cloud tools such as Google Apps give CustomMade better visibility into operations.

With the data that CustomMade has in Google Apps, it became obvious that there would be a serious cost if any of that data was lost. CustomMade decided they needed a cloud-to-cloud backup solution to ensure that they would never lose this critical data.

According to Seth Rosen, President of CustomMade “We realized how dependent we were on Google Apps as an organization and we wanted to make sure that we didn’t have any risk of data loss so we reached out to Backupify in order to secure our data.”

CustomMade sees Backupify as a simple, straightforward decision to ensure their data is always protected. Rosen went on to say, “Looking at the volume of data that we have with Backupify and what the cost would be if that data were to disappear or otherwise become compromised, it just really makes Backupify a relatively easy business decision for us.”

Listen to Seth Rosen discuss the benefits of Backupify to secure the company’s Google Apps data:

Backupify Customer Community - CustomMade from Backupify on Vimeo.