Credo Technology Group gets it. As IT professionals they know the value and importance of backup and how data loss can have a serious impact on a business. This is because Credo Technology Group provides corporate and consumer IT and marketing services.

Credo currently uses Backupify’s Google Apps and Social Media back up products to protect themselves from data loss.

According to Eric Johnson, co-owner at Credo Technology Group, “The cost of losing a piece of data can be astronomical due to the impact it has on productivity; you can lose time with trying to locate the file or with having to rebuild the asset completely. With Backupify, I know that my data is protected. It’s the preventative maintenance that I need to keep my business running smoothly.”

Johnson discovered just how valuable a cloud-to-cloud backup solution can be when he lost an email in his Gmail account. “I had a situation recently where I needed to locate an important email,” said Johnson.  “I wasn’t able to find it in my Gmail account. I was able to easily log into Backupify, find the email I was looking for, and restore it back into my account. Backupify’s intuitive interface makes it easy to search and find the files you need.”