With millions of businesses around the world using G Suite, a Google outage can bring worldwide productivity to a standstill. Today’s cloud-forward companies simply can’t get through their day-to-day operations without access to email, documents, sheets, and other important data that keeps their business running. So what’s a company to do to ensure they can continue business as usual despite Google going down?

Creative software company, Corel Corporation, is one of the many companies proactively addressing this issue.

“Our C Suite wanted some sort of redundancy if Google should fail. Email is the heart of the company so we needed a great backup plan. Backupify has been all of that and more for us,” explained Larry Cooke, Sr. Manager Infrastructure and Client Services at Corel.

Cooke went on to explain the driving philosophy behind IT at Corel.

“There are two sides of IT. There’s the old school folks who focus solely on security and want to hug their data so they know it’s there. Then there’s the side who focus on not only security, but on productivity. These IT pros help their companies grow and their people become more efficient. At Corel, we take the latter approach. We wanted to manage file restores on our users’ behalf - addressing security for a company that’s largely cloud-dependent and needs to be that way in order to be as productive as possible.”

To learn more about how Backupify for G Suite is the perfect solution for Corel, check out the full success story