When migrating to G Suite For Education, communication is key. To keep your implementation alive and effective, you must continuously communicate with everyone involved.

Google Guides Are Key

One of the keys to the success of a G Suite implementation is to develop a core group of committed Google Guides. These are specially selected people who will serve as your ambassadors, counselors, advocates, trainers, and front line of support. Many users will be apprehensive about the change and will need live, hands-on help no matter how much training and documentation you provide.

This is where the Guides can be indispensable. They are transitioned to G Suite earlier than most of the users and given extra product training and support. This is an effective program because users are usually more productive with the new product if they can get immediate, one-on-one help from a peer. Google Guides understand the user’s needs and can provide more targeted, efficient, and personal support. This also reduces the workload on the IT group, which will have its hands full in the early going with system support and troubleshooting issues.

Power Up Peers

The Guides benefit from the program as well. Through the extensive training and support of the new services, they’ll gain a high level of proficiency quickly. This is an ideal role for those who like to be “power users.” They’ll get to help their co-workers and demonstrate leadership within their teams.

As the transition proceeds, there will be another group of users who emerge. They will be the early adopters who will become additional advocates for the conversion. These folks are to be nurtured and encouraged. The more users who get on board, the faster your implementation will flourish.

If your school or university making the switch to G Suite for Education, adapting to change can be hard. Luckily, we have some experts offering the best advice to help smooth the transition.

Join Joseph Ochs, Senior Sales Engineer; James Kieft, Group Learning & Development Manager at Activate Learning; and Keegan Morrison, Chief Cloud Architect at Amplified IT.  They’ll talk through all the necessary steps to increasing the adoption and acceptance of G Suite applications at your institution.

This webinar will teach you more about change management, the importance of developing a communication plan, why you need to enable power users, and more. Sign up today.