This morning when I got to work I logged into Google for my email, exchanged feedback with one of my vendors through Basecamp, and turned up my music on Spotify. All of this happened with a little help from the cloud.

Cloud technologies have fundamentally changed the way we work each and every day. Because of cloud technologies we can collaborate with colleagues from anywhere in the world. We no longer carry around floppy disks or print 100 page documents. The cloud has transformed our work environment.

Backupify recently teamed up with the super designers at Beutler Ink to take a visual look at the impact that the cloud has made on our work space. For example, back in the day it would have taken 13 floppy disks to install Windows 95 and now its predicted that 25 percent of software applications purchased will be Software as a Service by 2020.

For more interesting tidbits on the transformation of our workspace to the cloud, check out the infographic below. (Click to enlarge).