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How IT Teams in Education Are Handling Remote Work

Learn how K-12 school-based IT teams had to react quickly to ensure students and teachers can continue education despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Integrate G Suite with Your Email Server

A switch to G Suite transforms email from an on-site server into a service.

Share Successes When Migrating to G Suite for Education

Don't miss the opportunity to share your G Suite for Education successes.

Get Involved When Migrating to G Suite for Education

When adopting G Suite for Education, training is important, but hands-on learning can be just as effective.

Take Small Steps When Migrating to G Suite for Education

When migrating to G Suite for Education, it's best to start small and expand from there. You need to present the plan to staff, but you don’t want to bury them with detail. Take small steps so the migration is less daunting.

The Essential G Suite for Education Migration Toolkit

In general, people resist change. Any deviation, even the smallest kind, causes angst.

Webinar Recording: Tips for Migrating to G Suite for Education

Is your school or university making the move to G Suite?

13 Steps to Take Before You Delete a User From a G Suite Domain

Before you delete that departed G Suite, make sure you've tackled these 13 ESSENTIALS!

Fairport Schools Successfully Implements Google Apps with Backupify

The Fairport Central School District is located in New York. It includes 8 schools that are comprised of 6,400 students and 1,500 teachers, administrators, and employees.

When Ransomware Comes to G Suite, Backup Is Your Only Hope

IT admin? Here's how to protect your critical Google Apps (G Suite) data from a ransomware infection.

How To Deal With Negativity When Migrating To Google Apps For Education

When migrating to GAFE, don't let small missteps derail your program.

12 GAFE Posts to Help You Manage Your Classroom

At Backupify, we use Google Apps everyday as do many of our edu customers (Berklee College of Music, Truckee Meadows Community College, Saint Ann’s School, and more!) so blogging about GAFE best practices has become one of our favorite topics. If you’re interested in all things GAFE, check out our favorite GAFE blog posts:

Getting Back to School with Google Apps

Google Apps and education seem to go hand in hand these days, with over 30 million students, faculty, and staff using Google Apps For Education (GAFE) in 2014. That wasn’t counting the additional 55 million teachers and schools who were informally using Google Apps.

14 Ways to Increase Google Apps for Edu Adoption at Your School (SlideShare)

What’s the point of “Going Google” at your school if nobody adopts the technology? This unfortunately is a common scenario for many schools, colleges, and universities on the Google Apps journey. For various reasons (fear, lack of technical knowledge, miscommunication), schools often don’t get off on the right foot when it comes to their Google Apps implementation. There’s certain groundwork that needs to be laid in order for your school to successfully adopt Google Apps.

9 Expert Pieces of Advice for Adopting Google Apps for Education at Your School

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well then, it’s time to imitate. When your school, school district, college, or university “Goes Google” you’ll need resources to help ease the transition. While there are plenty of resources out there to aid schools in making the switch to Google Apps for Education a successful one, why not imitate those who have already gone through a GAFE implementation?

Consolidate Your Domains for Google Classroom: Here’s How

A surprising number of schools jumping on the Google Classroom bandwagon are faced with a significant technical dilemma: Google advised them to set up their Google Apps with subdomains, but you can’t yet use subdomains with Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Provides Security for Students and Simpler Workflows

Google Classroom is a new tool for use in schools. While mistaken for a Learning Management System (LMS), Google Classroom is more of a file management system. Classroom simplifies the distribution and collection process of student work.

How to Manage a Classroom with Google Apps Tools

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