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Remploy Changes Company Culture with Google Apps (and Backs it Up Too)

Remploy is the UK’s leading provider of specialist employment services for disabled and disadvantaged people. With a network of more than 60 branches in England, Wales and Scotland, Remploy provides candidates with tailored services, including one-to-one support with job searching.

Evaluating Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solutions: Rethink Security and Oversight

First and foremost - the cloud to cloud backup vendor that you (eventually) choose will be holding a second copy of your company’s data which means any assurance that the vendor itself is respecting security best practices is to your advantage.

What Do Puppies, Guitars, and Concert Tickets Have to Do With Backup?

Tomorrow is our favorite holiday - World Backup Day! On March 31st we’ll celebrate the importance of data backup. While we all understand the value of backing up our data, there’s still far too much data out there that unfortunately isn’t being backed up.

It’s Time for a Digital Spring Cleaning

Sometimes I feel like an info-squirrel. I hunt for a nut of information buried in one of several possible places. Did I save the note in a Google Doc? Or Evernote? Or Google Keep? Or was it something I saw in email? Maybe I saved it in Quip. Or maybe I read it in Feedly… or Pocket?

Computer Security for Your Users: Don’t Leave it to Luck (SlideShare)

While the theme of the day might be the “luck of the Irish”, as an IT admin you most definitely do not want to leave your company’s computer security to any kind of luck. Come to think of it, you don’t really want to leave your company’s computer security to your users either. IT admins know the value of proper security and while end users also know the importance of security, they could use a little guidance.

The Noah Plan: Two of Everything for Business Continuity

The ancient story of Noah’s ark tells how people and animals survived a great flood. Sumerian tablets preserve the epic of Gilgamesh, who met a man who survived global flooding. Stories of a great flood exist in modern culture too.

Cloud to Cloud Backup Evaluation: How Will You Access Your Backups

It happened. You lost or accidentally deleted or overwrote data that you absolutely need. Phew! Good thing you invested in a cloud to cloud backup solution. For those companies that purchase cloud to cloud backup, there is the obvious hope that no one at your organization ever has to use the solution. But when data loss does happen, how easily will it be for you to get your data back?

What to Look for in a Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Provider: Encryption, Security, and Data Integrity

When it comes time to evaluate cloud to cloud backup solutions, security and compliance (as they relate to your data) will be major factors in your decision. It is for this exact reason that we dedicate the second post in this series to data encryption, data retention, and SLAs. Read on and ensure that the criteria below are absolutely included when its time to evaluate a cloud to cloud backup vendor.

How to Choose a Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solution: Storage Durability, Application Coverage, and Backup Functionality

In this multi-part series, we discuss the key functionality and features that companies should look for when evaluating cloud to cloud backup solutions. The cloud to cloud backup market is a new one and as such, companies are struggling with the minutiae. What specific criteria should they be focused on when reviewing different vendors?

Three Cloud Predictions for 2020

Predicting for the long term is dangerous, just ask Back to the Future II. While it was fabulously wrong about 2015 having flying cars, hoverboards, weather control and dehydrated microfood, it was right about 3D movies, video calling, multiscreen viewing and ‘80s nostalgia. We’re not quite so ambitious as to look ahead 30 years; but a mere five years from now we expect the tech world to look a little like this.

Four Cloud Technology Predictions for 2015

What can we expect from the cloud technology landscape in the coming year? Quite a lot. Here are a few (four to be exact) cloud technology predictions.

The Top 14 Cloud to Cloud Backup Blog Posts of 2014

It’s the “countdown our favorite [fill in the blank] of 2014” list season and we’re jumping right in with our own list. The top 14 Cloud to Cloud Backup blog posts of 2014. Our blog continued to grow significantly in 2014, offering up the latest Backupify product news, Google Apps and productivity tips, executive commentary, engineering in the cloud advice, and more.

TWC Consulting Helps Clients Protect Their Critical Data With Backupify

If you’re a small to medium sized business in the food industry and need help maintaining proper food safety plans and overall food safety compliance, it might be time to turn to TWC Consulting. And in the case of TWC Consulting, if your clients are storing critical data in Google Apps, it might be time to turn to Backupify….which they did.

Why You Need to Use Google Vault and Backupify Together

Put simply: use Backupify for data recovery, and Vault for legal discovery.

Applause Protects Google Apps and Salesforce Data with Backupify

If you’re in the business of creating mobile applications, than you’ve likely heard of Applause, the 360° app quality company that enables brands to deliver winning digital experiences from web to mobile to wearables and beyond. The company uses Google Apps and Salesforce to manage data and collaboration for a global staff of 300+ employees and partners, 140,000 testers, and customers that include Google, Fox, Time, Amazon, Box, and HBO. Here is their cloud to cloud backup story.

The Transitional Power of Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems are a creative way out of today’s problems as we push aggressively into the future.

Puppet Labs Protects Data and Saves Serious Man Hours With Backupify

As a high growth company, Puppet Labs uses cloud applications for its 300+ employees to increase productivity and help the organization easily scale. An example here is the company’s use of both Google Apps and Backupify.

Design Within Reach Protects Multiple Cloud Applications with Backupify

If you’re a fan of beautiful, modern furniture then you’re probably a fan of Design Within Reach - the source for the best in modern design, specializing in clean and simple furniture and accessories. Design Within Reach relies on the cloud, specifically Google Apps and which the company adopted back in 2011 to give their 500 employees an easy way to collaborate and manage data. When it comes to protecting that data, Design Within Reach relies on Backupify.

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