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Skype Ransomware Emerges

Cybercriminals are hitting Skype users with fake Adobe Flash advertisements that contain a nasty strain of ransomware.

Making the Case for Cloud-To-Cloud Backup (Part One)

As data has become central to business growth and insights, it’s important to consider how we’re taking care of it.

Backupify for Office 365: Return of the Data

For small to medium-sized businesses, Office 365 offers a compelling service where everything is managed and available when it is needed.

How to Recover a Gmail Message in G Suite

With G Suite, an email deleted today doesn’t mean the email is gone forever. You may still be able to recover your email.

Celebrate World Backup Day: Tweet Your Stories

Remember that time Backupify saved your SaaS? Of course, how could you forget?

Major Outage Hits Microsoft Web Services

Can you survive 17 hours without cloud-shared files? This week, that was reality for thousands of Microsoft customers during a Microsoft Office 365 outage.

Backupify for G Suite vs. Google Vault for Drive

Google recently announced a number of updates to Google Vault for Drive.

How Backupify Uses OAuth to Protect Your Data

What do National Geographic, Evernote, Mashable and Crate & Barrel all have in common?

Backupify and Google Vault: Why You Need Both

Many G Suite users mistakenly believe that because they are using Google Vault, their email and files are backed up and easily restorable.

Alice Training Protects Communities, Backupify Protects Their Data

​The Alice Training Institute is a national organization that trains businesses across the healthcare, government, and higher education industries on proactive response strategies for active shooter events.

Manage G Suite and Office 365 Outages with Backup

There's an infamous line from the cult-favorite movie Broken Arrow: "I don't know what's scarier, losing nuclear weapons, or that it happens so often there's actually a term for it."

Cloud-To-Cloud Backup Adoption Continues to Rise

In 2017, cloud-to-cloud backup is a Hot technology according to recent findings.

Fairport Schools Successfully Implements Google Apps with Backupify

The Fairport Central School District is located in New York. It includes 8 schools that are comprised of 6,400 students and 1,500 teachers, administrators, and employees.

Gmail DLP vs. Backupify for G Suite

Last week, Google announced that Gmail Data Loss Prevention (DLP) would only be available to G Suite Enterprise customers.

When Ransomware Comes to G Suite, Backup Is Your Only Hope

IT admin? Here's how to protect your critical Google Apps (G Suite) data from a ransomware infection.

How Backupify Keeps Machinima In The SaaS Game

Machinima is a California-based digital content company that reaches over 150 million viewers each month.

America's Test Kitchen's SaaS Recipe For Success

Boston-based America’s Test Kitchen (ATK), is cooking up new ideas each day.

The Lost Salesforce Data Mysteries: The Tale Of The Fat Finger Fiasco

It was a dark and stormy night. Your Salesforce data is snuggled in the cloud, safe from the raging cyber tempest.

SET Creative Ditches Google Vault for Backupify

While exploring different backup options, SET discovered Datto’s Backupify product and was immediately surprised by the user friendly interface.

7 Steps For Transitioning To Backupify For G Suite

Considering switching from your current cloud-to-cloud backup provider to Backupify?

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