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Why Shared Mailboxes in Office 365 Are Not Backup

Microsoft goes to great lengths to ensure your data in Office 365 is highly available and the app has been architected to be highly redundant.

Webinar Recording: SaaS Data Access & Deprovisioning Strategy

With more and more companies moving to cloud SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite to maintain and share their critical data, decisions regarding data management can have far-reaching consequences.

Happy World Backup Day from Backupify!

World Backup Day is a great opportunity to recognize the importance of backing up your critical data.

External Mail Servers: Long-Term Split Email Delivery Best Practices

An introduction to using G Suite with external mail servers, starting with the process for setting up a long-term split email delivery.

The State of Ransomware in SaaS Apps

SaaS apps continue to become a growing target for ransomware attacks with Dropbox, Office 365, and G Suite most at risk.

Return of the Data: Microsoft Exchange Online

For Exchange Online, a messaging application that includes email, calendars, contacts and tasks, Microsoft uses Database Availability Groups to replicate mailboxes to multiple databases in separate Microsoft data centers.

Backupify's Top Blogs of October

With October behind us, we wanted to take a look back at our top 5 most popular blogs of the month.

This Reddit Thread Proves You Need Office 365 and G Suite Backup

Moving to SaaS applications can be the best thing to ever happen to IT or your worst nightmare.

RED74 Protects and Restores G Suite Data with Backupify

RED74 provides information technology consultation and resources for businesses of all industries. The company works with clients to customize the most effective I.T. strategies for how they do business, including a game plan for data security and disaster recovery. That being said, RED74 knows all about the importance of backup.

Google Hit with Major Outage

Today, Google suffered a widespread outage​ forcing many of their services to crash, including Maps, Google search, Drive, and YouTube.

How Puppet Protects Itself from Data Loss with Backupify

Puppet​ software helps sysadmins automate the configuration and ongoing management of machines and the software running on them, so they can spend less time fighting fires and more time helping their organizations deploy great software.

Backupify's Top Blogs of July 2017

With August here, we wanted to take a look back at some of our most popular blogs from last month.

6 Leading Causes of Cloud Data Loss [Forrester Research]

It’s no secret that the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market is growing strong each quarter.

Dito Wins More Deals by Partnering with Backupify

​Dito is one of the original 30 hand-picked G Suite Authorized Resellers, selected based on their early expertise with G Suite.

The Necessity of a Third-Party Backup Solution for Office 365

With Microsoft focusing on its core service, taking internal backups, and ensuring everything is distributed between multiple data centers...what else needs doing?

Upcoming Webinar: Back Up your SaaS Data

For those with data stored in SaaS applications, like Office 365 and G Suite, it’s a common assumption that this data is safe from harm.

Bay Cove Archives and Protects their Data with Backupify

​Bay Cove Human Services, Inc. serves society’s most vulnerable members by providing effective, compassionate care to individuals and families facing developmental disabilities, mental illness, substance addiction, or aging.

Cloud Backup and Recovery Policies Revealed: It’s Time to Read the Fine Print

If you think your SaaS provider can automatically restore lost data in your account, think again.

Bleacher Report Scores Big with Backupify for G Suite

Sports news website, Bleacher Report, aims to be an ever present energy in the world of sports, capturing and unleashing the moments in which their audience of 5M+ sports fans care.

Making the Case for Cloud-To-Cloud Backup (Part Two)

We've discussed common misconceptions about SaaS applications and how data loss occurs. In today’s post, we’ll reveal how to prevent it.

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