Similar to many other users, Brainshark, the leader in cloud-based business presentations, relies on as the company’s central data hub. Over the seven plus years as Salesforce customers, Brainshark has built up their Salesforce account and relies on the data within Salesforce to help run their business day in and day out. 

With so many departments across Brainshark integrating their data into the company’s Salesforce account, it became obvious that the data housed in Salesforce was becoming more critical by the day and needed to be backed up.

According to Dan Sai, Technology Operations Manager at Brainshark, “We’ve integrated dozens of cloud-based applications. In Salesforce we store lots of sensitive financial and HR information so it’s really important that we have a secure location to back up our data.”

Brainshark previously backed up its Salesforce data through the manual process but found the overall experience clunky and not particularly user-friendly. There was also the issue of the “manual” in manual backup. Someone might unfortunately forget to back up the data and so Brainshark sought out an automated solution.

When it came time to look for a backup solution for its Salesforce account, Brainshark reached out to the market leader, Backupify.

“Backupify just works,” Sai went on to say. “Given all the other applications that I have to deal with, I like that I can just ignore Backupify and it does it’s job.”

If he does need to log-in to Backupify, Sai enjoys the ability to easily search for whatever he needs as accessing files is a breeze. While Salesforce doesn’t typically go down (the exception being routine maintenance) Sai knows he can always access whatever the company needs through Backupify since Backupify offers a separate log-in.

To hear more from Brainshark, check out the video below:

Backupify Customer Community - Brainshark from Datto Backupify on Vimeo.