Sports news website, Bleacher Report, aims to be an ever present energy in the world of sports, capturing and unleashing the moments in which their audience of 5M+ sports fans care. To keep pace with the demand for new content, the editorial team at Bleacher Report operates on G Suite to streamline collaboration.

When IT Operations Engineer, Thomas Cosby, joined the Bleacher Report, he wanted to implement a third-party backup solution for the company’s G Suite. As Thomas puts it, “Data loss is a sign of the times, and if you don’t have something in place from the beginning, there’s no going back. There is no time machine.”

Prior to Thomas’ arrival, IT needs were outsourced. The staff depended heavily on Google Vault to transfer data between users and the notion that “data in the cloud must be backed up”. Thomas knew better and moved to remedy these notions that had proved to be cumbersome for the team in the past.

To meet the daily backup and restore needs of the growing Bleacher Report team, Thomas chose to implement Backupify for G Suite. Find out more in the full success story