Positive or negative customer experiences can make or break a company. According to Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon, “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” At Backupify we’ve always been focused on providing an exceptional customer experience and a few months ago we made it official by launching Backupify’s Customer Success team.

What’s interesting about our approach is the nature in which our customers engage with our software. Our solution is essentially a ‘safety net’ for Google and Salesforce users in the cloud. We know our customers aren’t using Backupify everyday, but rather when they first purchase the product and when they need it for mission critical data recovery. For this reason we have a Premier Customer onboarding process for new customers. As part of this service our Premier Customers are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is responsible for scoping out the initial deployment strategy, tailoring product training, 60 day account monitoring and regular proactive checks to ensure the customer always has what they need.

As the leader in cloud to cloud backup, we not only provide exceptional support to our customers, but also educate them on different use cases that others are experiencing as part of cloud adoption - something many of our customers are experiencing for the first time. We’re incredibly excited by the launch of the Customer Success function at Backupify and know it’s a huge differentiator for us in the cloud to cloud backup market.

In addition to our proactive Customer Success team, we have an exceptional technical support arm. Premier Customers at Backupify receive a dedicated technical support rep who is familiar with their history and can therefore easily pick up on any question where they left off. Think of it as a concierge support rep!

Backupify’s overall goal is really to lend a helping hand to customers at every stage of their engagement with Backupify and our solutions. From the initial adoption, ongoing backend monitoring, proactive data stats and critical data recovery (when they need it). While we obviously hope our customers don’t experience data loss, we’re here when you need us.

“Remploy have been working with Backupify for a number of months now and can honestly state that we feel fully supported by the team there. At no time have they said “we can’t do that” or “that’s not our fault”, they are very keen to ensure that the end user is completely satisfied with their product which I’m happy to say we are! Backupify is a must for anyone thinking of making the jump to Google Apps as it sits in the background ensuring that “all’s well” with your prized data, what more can you ask for?” Ronnie Main, Service Operations Manager, IS Remploy Limited