For many who may not know about Backupify’s humble beginnings, the company was started in Louisville, Kentucky. In typical startup fashion, Backupify began in an apartment with meetings being held at a local Panera. With that backdrop today is a pretty exciting day for Backupify as the company announced a partnership with Gluegent, Inc. in Japan. Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is headed to Japan!

While the cloud-to-cloud backup market caught on quickly in North America (not terribly surprising as North America leads the world in cloud adoption) we’re now seeing companies based in other regions looking to secure and manage the data they store in the cloud.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Helps Relieve Data Protection Woes

The reason why companies based in the EU or APAC have been slower to adopt the cloud revolves around security concerns. This makes sense since many of the countries in these regions have stricter privacy and security regulations compared to the U.S. With Backupify, companies in these regions can rest a bit easier knowing there is now a secure, second copy of their data readily available.

Backupify is cognizant that security conscious companies may not want to store their data in the U.S. Bring Your Own Storage was announced last year from Backupify as a way to offer international companies more options and greater control over their data. Bring Your Own Storage means that companies can store their data in local Amazon S3 centers or with other data storage providers.

Growing our Partner Network

We’re thrilled to announce Gluegent as our new partner. We’ve had a BUSY year thus far growing our network of partners and adding some of the top Google Apps resellers around the globe to our Backupify partner program. Companies in Japan and around the world are adopting cloud applications at a rapid pace - now they have ultimate data management and data protection options with cloud to cloud backup.

Read more about our partnership with Gluegent through today’s news release.