We’re excited to announce that Backupify Migrator now supports migrating data between:

  • Google to Google Apps accounts
  • Google Apps to Google accounts

Migrating data between Google accounts has been a time-consuming, complicated and often error prone process as experienced by Fahmida Rashid of PC Magazine

To address this, we first built Backupify Migrator for Google Apps that securely and automatically transfers all the Gmail, Docs, Contacts and Calendar data from one Google Apps account to another. Using the Migrator tool is much quicker and easier than doing this transfer manually.

But we couldn’t stop here, given the complexities of migrating data we wanted to expand our offering to include migrating data between Google to Google Apps accounts. Given the explosive growth in the Google Apps market, we have had several requests including this one from Lifehacker, expressing the need to migrate standard Google accounts.

Instead of  “Authorizing a new domain” now you can select “Authorize a Personal Google” account. Once the account is authorized, the migration can be performed in just the simple 3 steps

  1. First, choose to either “Start a Single Migration” or “Start a Batch Migration”,
  2. Then, specify the source and destination domains or personal accounts
  3. Next, choose the services you’d like to migrate (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc.)

We’ve based Migrator on the same technology used in our core Backupify for Google Apps products - making it the perfect tool to handle large domain acquisitions, company spin-offs and company rebranding.

We also provide the option to migrate data from a Google Apps account to a Google account. This is especially useful in the education segment as students graduate from schools and want to move their data to their own personal Google accounts.

As more data, services and organizations migrate from local hard drives to the always-on cloud, Backupify is pioneering the protections and processes that will keep your irreplaceable online information safe, useful and under your control.