Gmail provides 25 gigabytes of space for your email, which looks like a lot at first blush, but after a few years of sending PSDs, JPEGs, MP3s, quarterly reports, and the archetypal RTS game as attachments, that 25 gigs can start to seem a little tight.

Guess what happens when you run out of space on Gmail. Guess! OK, I’ll tell you: you can’t send or receive email. To prevent the panic when that happens, and the ensuing deletion of every message your inbox has ever known or loved, we built FreeSpace.

FreeSpace is a free tool for Google Apps admins and users. FreeSpace is designed to take the pain out of managing attachments and keeping your mailbox slim. Here’s what FreeSpace does:

  • Proactively monitors Gmail accounts, so you can alert their owners to take action

  • Identifies large attachments; you pick what to delete or securely offload, and we do the rest

  • Leaves conversations intact, no matter whether you delete, download or ignore the attachment

Give FreeSpace a try and let us know what you think! And, as always, if you’ve got an IT pain to which you know not the cure, leave a comment and I’ll get on it :D