Boston-based America’s Test Kitchen (ATK), is cooking up new ideas each day. The test kitchen cultivates new recipes, which are then published in magazines, on their website, and on their television series. ATK’s rapid growth has driven internal headcount to over 200 employees. No one feels this growth more than their internal IT team.

When Dustin Brandt, Director of IT, joined the team, the company was leveraging Google Apps for work but without a backup and recovery solution in place. Departments were constantly challenged with off-boarding issues and managers struggled to recover key documents from the deactivated Google Apps accounts of departed employees.

What may appear to be a minor issue would cost the IT and management teams valuable time at ATK. Brandt decided that a change was in order. He began to research cloud-to-cloud backup options.

With Backupify for Google Apps, Brandt could seamlessly export Google Apps account data, restore it, and migrate large volumes of data to other users. Transferring entire mailboxes wasn’t an option in Vault. Backupify could restore a user’s mailbox to a manager and then cancel the license; saving the managers time from logging into various accounts and saving the company money on inactive licenses.

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