The Alice Training Institute is a national organization that trains businesses across the healthcare, government, and higher education industries on proactive response strategies for active shooter events.

While their field teams are out training organizations to protect themselves, their internal IT team works to protect their data. Systems and Automation Specialist, Nathan Wysocki joined the Alice Training team as they were migrating over to Office 365. On a day-to-day basis, the company’s internal and external transactions are booming. With a large number of remote employees, SaaS applications keep everyone connected.

One of Wysocki’s first tasks was to make sure a third-party backup solution was in place for Office 365. Fully aware of SaaS capabilities, Wysocki knew that just because data was stored in the cloud, that didn’t guarantee it was secure. Before migrating to Office 365, the Alice Training Institute was using a third-party backup tool.

Keeping the previous third-party backup tool was an option, but Wysocki explained that price and bandwidth-wise, Backupify for Office 365 was a better fit for their growing number of users. As they anticipate continued growth, Wysocki knew Backupify offered a more robust solution.

To learn more about how Backupify has been a great match for Alice Training, check out the full success story.