Alberto Elvira has been an IT Director in the advertising space for over 20 years. Between servicing tickets, providing end user support, and taking time for long term planning, he and his current team of 6 are fairly busy at MWWPR - the largest independent agency in the United States. Recently, the already busy team at MWWPR found themselves faced with a new objective: migration to the cloud. This complex and time-consuming process brought to light a few internal changes around operations, a big one being backup. 

In Alberto’s words, keeping your data with Microsoft alone is “like keeping all your eggs in one basket.” With their Exchange server backups no longer relevant, he began looking for cloud alternatives. In his search, Alberto found Backupify and signed up for a demo. MWWPR signed up for the service the next day, and their Office 365 data was backed up within a week. When asked what made him pull the trigger, Alberto was quick to fill us in: “Backupify is less expensive than our previous solution and offers us a more comprehensive product. The product is also ridiculously easy to use.

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