Considering switching from your current cloud-to-cloud backup provider to Backupify? The good news is that it’s easy. Your active users will start backing up automatically as soon as you add them to your Backupify account.

Backupify allows you to archive users who are no longer active in your Google Apps instance. If you have archived accounts using your current cloud-to-cloud backup provider, you can migrate those accounts to Backupify. If your current provider does not offer this functionality, it’s worth considering. We’ve put together some simple steps to help you make the switch.

For the archived users you wish to transition from your former solution into Backupify, please follow these simple steps:

  1. First, identify free Google Apps licenses on your account for the migration process. We recommend 5-10. You can do this by unassigning licenses from former employees, giving you the ability to re-purpose those licenses temporarily.*
  2. In the interface of your former backup solution, add these users.
  3. Perform a full service restore** from your archived users in the solution to the new Google Apps user you purchased/freed up in Step 1.
  4. Add the Google Apps users from Step 1 to Backupify. Backups will begin to run automatically.
  5. Once the backups are complete, delete users on the Google Apps side to free up licenses.
  6. Your users will automatically be pushed into the archived state in Backupify, where they will be fully searchable and recoverable for as long as you partner with us.
  7. Breathe easy! You now have the best cloud protection available. We want to support you through every step of this process. Feel free to reach out to to talk through numbers, logistics, and notification options as your archived accounts are migrated into our system.

*If you don’t have the recommended amount of Google Apps licenses available, contact and we will work with you on alternate options.

**Note: If you prefer, you can export the data from your former solution’s archives and import it into the new accounts referenced in Step 1 using a third-party application.

For more information, as well as a look at how expensive maintaining Google accounts for inactive users is, download our new Product Information sheet.