The world of education has seen a notable trend over the past few years with the adoption of Google Apps increasing in all corners of the map. Students are getting “Schooled by Google” and teachers are embracing apps that makes their lives easier as well.

Check out our six favorite apps for teachers and students to use with Google Apps for Education:

1. Engrade Gradebook & LMS

Engrade helps over 15,000 schools and 300,000 teachers manage classes and connect with students online.  This app features a free and flexible gradebook, assignment tracker, attendance tracking, lesson plan builder, admin reports, as well as online messaging to connect parents, teachers, and students.

2. Lucidchart Diagramming for Education

Lucidchart is a diagramming tool that simplifies the drawing of diagrams.  It makes drawing and sharing flowcharts, venn diagrams, and other visual learning aids easy, and can be integrated into other reports and presentations.

3. EasyBib Bibliography

EasyBib is a bibliography management tool used by over 20 million high school and college students.  It instantly cites books, websites, journals, and more to ensure that students properly cite their work.

4. Digication e-Portfolio

Digication is an electronic portfolio that allows students to easily share their work with fellow students, teachers, future employers, etc. It allows students to publish their work online whether it be video, audio, images, or other document types.

5. Gooru

Gooru is a search engine for learning where students or teachers can find millions of resources for 5th-12th grade topics, whether it be videos, games, textbooks, or quizzes.  It’s a new way to search and study for students and to learn and create lesson plans for teachers.

6. LearnThatWord

LearnThatWord is an online tutor for vocabulary and spelling that is integrated with a multi-media learner’s dictionary. It’s a great way for students to ace their next spelling test and pick up new words as well.

Are you a Google Apps for Education user? If so, what are some of your favorite apps?