Ugh. The holidays are right around the corner and you’re empty handed without a clue of where to start. If you need a last minute gift in a pinch, here’s 6 ways to create awesome gifts with some of the old technology you probably have lying around your home. 

1) Floppy Disks… remember these things? The 3.5” variety used to store 1.44MB of space. Let that settle in for a second…. alright, so if you have 4 or 5 lying around, grab some ribbon, stack them up, tie it and you have a coaster set for the inner geek in us all.

2) VHS tapes were pretty awesome. I remember my Dad making me a tape of my favorite James Bond movie, Goldfinger and I watched it a few hundred times as a kid. But now that we have iTunes, Netflix, and On-Demand TV, DVDs are archaic, let alone tapes. So how about turning an old VHS tape into a ribbon dispenser for the crafty hobbyist in your life? You’ll need a screwdriver, a sharp blade and a ½” roll of ribbon. Learn more about how to retrofit this retro technology.

3) The Compact Disc. iTunes, Spotify, Google Play have more or less killed the circular object with a hole that you once knew and loved. I can safely say I can’t remember the last CD I purchased. Put your old CDs to use and create a beautiful, hipster mobile! Display it outside your abode, hang it over a crib to entertain a baby, or delight your ADHD co-workers… the possibilities are endless!

4) Turns out your old computer tower from college might have another life. Have an old computer tower lying around? Gut the insides and turn it into a mailbox. You’ll have the coolest mailbox on the street, guaranteed.

5) Why cram your business cards into your wallet or ruin them by shoving them into your pocket?  Carry your contact info in a stylish case thanks to a cassette tape. They are the perfect size to hold your cards and with a few tweaks like installing a hinge or creating a lid/tray, you’ll really stand out at your next networking event!

6) I have owned 8 game consoles in my life - 8-bit Nintendo, Sega Genesis, N64, Playstation 1, Gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360 and most recently Xbox One (yes, its pretty sweet). And if you’re like me and have some sentimental value attached to the countless hours you’ve wasted, errr… enjoyed playing those consoles, departing with them can be hard. Good news, you can turn your old video game controllers into a desk caddy! Yes, it’ll take some elbow grease, and a few power tools but when you’re done you’ll be able to keep alive the memory of your favorite old-school console.

Enjoy the holidays! And remember, the stuff you get now is going to make an awesome gift 10 years from now!