Permanently losing a critical file from one of your cloud applications - could it get an scarier?! In honor of Halloween, below are six terrifying (and unfortunately common) examples of SaaS data loss. Turns out, without a backup solution in place, storing data in the cloud could become your worst nightmare….cue evil laughter.

1. Menacing migration errors

Data overload is something we’re still getting used to and when it comes to migrating data from one system to another, disappearing data can often be the result. Data can be lost through sync inaccuracies, human error, a black cat crossing your path, or data simply overwriting other data.

2. Mysterious accidental deletion

This happens more often than you may think. For example, an employee goes into a shared document within Google Apps and permanently deletes it, only to find out that the document is desperately needed a few months later when there is no way to get it back.

3. Malicious insiders (grim reapers of cloud data)

There’s not much a company can do about a disgruntled employee on a mission to wreak havoc upon the former employer before they leave. Suddenly, the file everyone needs has mysteriously disappeared and we can all guess who did it.

4. Creepy hacktivists

It’s a spooky world out there as companies face a new breed of cyber monsters hell-bent on stealing and corrupting as much information as they can. Data breaches seem to happen weekly and as companies store critical data in the cloud, cyber demons will only continue to haunt these companies.

5. Bone chilling rogue applications

As companies are increasingly using more cloud-based applications, the potential for error also rises. For example, an application that was supposed to consolidate duplicate records but actually deleted unique ones instead.

6. Haunting departed employees

With many cloud solutions, deactivating a user account also means deleting the data that was stored there. Again, this might seem perfectly fine at the time until you hear the blood curdling screams upon realizing that the deleted user account has the data you need.

How on earth can you keep devilish data deletions at bay? Consider cloud to cloud backup solutions. A secure second copy of your data ensures you’ll avoid all the data loss hocus pocus.