Here are six of our favorite cloud computing blogs that we suggest you get on your radar:

1. CIO’s Guide to Cloud Computing and On-Demand

Appirio is a leader in cloud computing for businesses; its blog targets cloud-centric CIOs. It covers both strategic thinking about the cloud and tactical advice for moving to the cloud.

2. Salesforce CloudBlog

As a dominant player and largely a first-mover in the space, Salesforce’s blog is forward-thinking on where the industry might go. This blog is good for anyone generally interested in cloud computing.

3. CloudAve

CloudAve is a group of cloud evangelists who analyze trends in cloud computing and SaaS and provide tips for users, reviews of new applications, and strategies to increase uptake of SaaS. This blog is meant for general IT managers, or anyone passionate about cloud computing.

4. The Enterprise Cloud

Like most TechRepublic blogs, Enterprise Cloud provides tactical advice about a particular IT subject. In this case, handling both technical and business issues surrounding cloud adoption, deployment and optimization.

5. CSA’s Industry Blog

The Cloud Security Alliance promotes best practices for security assurance in cloud computing. This blog provides direction into security measures and new standards in the industry to keep our data safe.

6. Schneier on Security

Bruce Schneier is a world-renowned security expert and his blog tackles more broad security and surveillance topics.

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